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Our Story Review is an offshoot of Our Story Box, a monthly subscription book box that is launching March 2016. Our Story Reviews is the place were Our Story Box reviewers will review books both featured and not featured in Our Story Box. The that primarily focuses of Our Story Reviews (and Our Story Box) is to place a spotlight on books written by Black authors across the diaspora and/or books that contain Black main characters.

Our Story Reviews will review books across all genres (with limited/no reviews of erotica) in hopes that readers will be able to find books that might interest them. As reader, we know how hard it is to find books by Black authors and/or centering Black characters in almost all genres. The founder of Our Story Reviews has run a book club for years and search almost monthly for books for members to read, in all genres. While studies have shown that black women make up one of the largest reading demographic books that are being published to not reflect this statistic. Hopefully, Our Story Reviews will one more tool that can be used in the search to find and promote Black authors and their works.


Our Story Reviews aims to provide readers with a fair and well-balanced critique of books reviewed across a wide variety of genres. We understand that not every book will be for every reader but will try to be fair in our review of the books that we come across. Because interests and preferences are unique to each individual the reviews and views on this site are those of the writer.


We read books traditionally and non-traditionally published, this includes books from the large publishing houses, small press, and self/independently published.


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Written by Monique

Monique and reading had a rocky start. When she was a child she she struggled with reading and even had to be tutored to improve her reading skills. Her grandmother, an avid reader, tried to engage her in the pleasures of books and she resisted until the first set of The Boxcar Children showed up at her doorstep. From then on Monique could be often times found with her head in a book. Monique has genre hoped in her life of reading starting off with mystery, jumping to horror, cozying up with romance, getting her feet wet with urban fiction, passing time with literary and contemporary fiction, and even trying out some urban fantasy and science fiction along the way. She started her first book blog, The Little Reading Nook in 2008 and founded a book club in 2013.
Website: http://www.melaninatedbookshelf.com

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